Promotional use of the PEFC label

See what we can offer, and what you need to do to get access to the PEFC Label Generator.

Promotional use of the PEFC label

The PEFC off-product label can be used for a variety of purposes and users, from retailers highlighting their procurement of PEFC-certified products, to certification bodies promoting their ability to offer PEFC certification. 

No matter the reason, by using the PEFC off-product label, organizations help to promote the importance of sustainable forest management worldwide – and we want to help you do this!

If you want to use the PEFC label for promotional purposes, please contact the PEFC national member in your country or PEFC International. They will provide you with more information and give you a PEFC trademarks usage contract to sign. Once you have signed, you will be given access to the PEFC Label Generator and you’ll be able to start producing your labels.

If you already have a trademarks usage licence, you may need to sign a new contract, or accept an amendment to your current contract. But don’t worry, your PEFC trademarks licence number won’t change. 

Label messages with your needs in mind

We are aware that there are many different reasons for using the PEFC label, and that just one label message isn’t enough. When you get access to the Label Generator, you will find you have access to several different label messages, all designed for your specific needs. 

Find out more about how the following user groups can use the PEFC off-product label:

If you don’t see yourself or your organization covered by the list above, you can still use the PEFC off-product logo. Find out more!

Only need to use the label once?

You may be eligible to use the PEFC label without signing a PEFC trademarks licence. One-time users of the PEFC label generally include media, universities and NGOs.

Simply fill out this request form and someone from PEFC will get back to you.

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