Forest owners and managers

Use the PEFC off-product label to highlight your certification.

Forest owners and managers

As a forest owner or manager holding a PEFC forest management certificate, you can use the PEFC off-product label to highlight your certification. 

To help you with your communications, you can use the following off-product label messages:

  • Promoting Sustainable Forest Management
  • [Company name] has a PEFC sustainable forest management certificate
  • [Company name] manages this forest according to PEFC certification requirements
  • Our forest management is PEFC certified

You can also use these messages without the label, under the same requirements as the label. When using them, you must either have the PEFC label close to the message, or put your trademarks licence number next to the message.

How to access the off-product label

You can create off-product labels using the PEFC Label Generator. Your account will automatically give you the label messages suitable for your business.

If you already have a PEFC logo usage licence and are using the PEFC labels, you will need to sign a new PEFC trademarks usage contract (or accept an amendment to your current contract) to access the new Label Generator. Don’t worry, your PEFC trademarks licence number won’t change. 

The exact process varies from country to country, but PEFC will contact you with more information and provide you with the new contract. You will be contacted by PEFC before 14 August 2022. 

If you already have access to the previous version of the Label Generator, you should continue to use this until contacted by PEFC. For more information, please contact the PEFC office in your country, you can find the contact details here.

If you don't have a PEFC trademarks usage contract, you can request the contract using this request form. PEFC International or the PEFC national member in your country will contact you and guide you through the process.

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